VZC Flower Arrangements
Participants will learn basic elements of Zen meditation and its relationship with flower arranging. After a short introduction to the Vermont Zen Center, participants will learn basic flower arranging techniques through a lecture/demonstration followed by time to do their own arrangements. In addition, and if weather is fair, we will tour the gardens of the Zen Center where participants will learn about plants suitable for arrangements and how to use materials from the garden.

What You Will Learn

Participants will learn basic Ikebana and flower arranging elements used at the Vermont Zen Center: triangulation, depth, placement, color, container size and materials. Through understanding the interaction between spiritual practice and flower arranging, participants will gain an appreciation of the deeper meaning of flowers as offerings and as a way to bring a sense of tranquility to one’s environment.

Flower Arranging
 [In Japan] Ikebana was always considered a man’s art, so much so that Shunsho, one of the great teachers of the art, wrote: The study of floral art is a necessity for every man of culture not only to develop the vigor of his mind but to draw out the kindly qualities of his heart.
from Flower Arrangement Art of Japan, by Mary Cokely Wood


Instructor, Marcela Pino

Marcela Pino

Marcela Pino, class instructor, was born and raised in Costa Rica. She has been a member of the Vermont Zen Center and a student of Roshi Graef for 25 years. During that time she has studied and practiced different flower arrangement techniques including Ikebana and Western styles. Marcela writes:

The practice of flower arranging at the Vermont Zen Center is a unique extension of Zen practice based on mindfulness and awareness.

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