Toronto Zen Center and Oxbow Zen Affiliate
The Vermont Zen Center’s community extends northward to Toronto, Canada and southward to Heredia, Costa Rica. We also have a new affiliate group in New Hampshire. Photo is of the Toronto Zen Centre. Roll over for photo of the Oxbow Zen Sangha building.

Toronto Zen Centre

Casa Zen de Costa Rica

The Casa Zen was founded in 1974 after a series of introductory workshops given by Roshi Philip Kapleau at the Japanese Embassy in San José, Costa Rica. Since then, the Casa Zen has held intensive meditation retreats, ceremonies and other activities regularly. In 1994, the Casa Zen purchased a house in Santo Domingo de Heredia, which became the center for regular practice and retreats.

Roshi Graef has been the teacher of the Casa Zen Sangha since 1988. She visits six times a year to conduct sesshins, retreats, training programs, ceremonies, and other activities.

The Casa Zen also has facilities for individual retreats. For more information please see their Spanish/English website. A photo gallery of the Casa Zen is on the Gallery page.

Oxbow Zen Sangha Affiliate

Near Concord, New Hampshire, the Oxbow Zen Sangha in Canterbury was founded in 2010 by longtime VZC member Greg Heath. It currently meets once a week at the newly constructed Concord Friends Meeting House. This is the first affiliate group of the Vermont Zen Center that has been started by a member of the Sangha.